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Riley has always felt at odds with her body. It could be because she’s in her twenties and has never been kissed, let alone had sex. Or because her fluctuating body image makes it hard to feel desirable. Or it could be her nosy, anthropomorphic vulva, Gina, who won’t leave her alone until she comes to terms with all of it. The not-so-odd couple navigates their conflicting senses of self as they struggle to reconcile Riley’s relationship with her body… and get her laid.

"Bits" is an independent short film that examines the nuances of the ongoing journey to heal the relationship with yourself in order to thrive in your relationships with others. Riley has to learn that there is no finish line for happiness or self-acceptance; there’s only the bits and pieces of ourselves that we have to evolve with.

For years I’ve had a folder of scripts on my computer labeled “Bits.” A collection of loose scenes, character monologues, and a masturbation ballet set to Vivaldi. But I struggled to see the full picture, how it was all fitting together. I didn’t know how to feel about the journey of our protagonist, Riley, because I didn’t know how I felt about myself.

There is a lot of shame that comes with being fat. We spend time deconstructing and critiquing that shame, trying to silence it with the blaring white noise of body positivity. But none of that means anything if we don’t see the joy in being fat fully represented. And there’s so much joy! This was a big discovery I made that ultimately gave me the permission I needed to write this story. Even on days when all I can do is fixate on my body, I’ve found grace in the joy. I’m not concerned with my stomach folding in my dress as I dance. I don’t care that my double chin protrudes when I laugh. In that moment I can accept that I am spectacular, I’m desirable, I’m valuable not despite my body, but because of it.

I wrote "Bits" to give a voice to those conflicting parts of me.

This is, in no small way, my story. “Bits” is the expression of everything I’ve wanted to see for people like me. I have found universality in the specificity of my lived experience, but only when I’ve been brave enough to share it.

And no one makes me feel more brave than the incredible team we assembled, led by director Sarah Thurman. Once we gathered our team of largely female and queer creatives (plus one absolutely stunning puppet) I knew the work done on this project would be something special.


“Bits” is a short film proof-of-concept for a series full of nuance, humor, and care that is rarely seen in stories led by fat women.


Thank you, 



We’re raising $5,000 to fund post-production expenses including...

  • Marketing materials & PR Costs

    • Everything from website hosting fees to promotional stickers!

  • Festival Fund

    • Submission fees + travel

Check out our Kickstarter until September 2, 2023


Help us spread our message by sharing our campaign link on social media, over text, email or however else you like to get the word out! Because the greatest way to help our campaign and get "Bits" off the ground is to spread the word!


Connect with us on social media using #BitsShortFilm !

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