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Lucy Porter is an eternal optimist, despite having spent the first half of her life thinking she would be a politician. Realizing the impact of a powerful story, she pivoted to harness her ability to deconstruct systematic issues through humor to amplify marginalized voices.


Striking the balance between slapstick and satire, her female-driven comedies explore the paradoxes of humanity through whimsically irreverent characters and rapid-fire punchlines.


She holds an MFA in screenwriting from DePaul University and is an alum of Second City’s Comedy Studies program.

As a screenwriter, her scripts have received notoriety placing in Screencraft’s Comedy Competition, Final Draft’s Big Break, and as an official selection for SeriesFest’s Pitch-a-Thon.



at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

When you’re fat and funny, and a community theater child star, you spend a lifetime playing mothers and villains. Lucky for Lucy Porter, this had absolutely no impact on her psyche what-so-ever! But now, she’s had enough.

Lucy’s Fringe debut unites original songs, stand-up comedy, and stunning dresses in a bold solo cabaret that examines what it means to finally cast yourself as the ingénue.

June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27

at 9 pm

at the Hudson Guild Theatre


What’s the most unethical thing one could do for a klondike bar? Is pink its own color or just a shade of red? What is the definitive FMK for the Full House guys?


Join hosts Lucy Porter and Alexi Bolden as they gather the world’s brightest intellectuals (who also happen to be comedians) to answer these questions and more. Tune in each week as they unite daring thinkers to tackle all the topics that academia is too cowardly to address. 

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Written by Lucy Porter

Directed by Sarah Thurman
A sexually repressed young woman navigates her body image and virginity with the help of her bossy, anthropomorphic vagina.


BITS is a 16-minute proof-of-concept

for a half-hour comedy series



stream now on youtube

Written by Lucy Porter and Gabby Seed

Directed by Cassie Llanas

Frankie and Bea built their own mini empire running the coolest open mic in town. As Frankie drifts away in search of stability, Bea must grapple with her ideas of self-worth outside of their codependent friendship.


Wanna see a little bit more?

Check out my Coverfly page or check out any of the writing samples below


sample from pilot

The dysfunctional family behind one of the nation’s largest restaurant chains must reconcile their egos and ignorance to maintain their declining breakfast food empire.


sample from feature

When their friend announces her engagement to a legendary douchebag, her bridesmaids join together to heist the groom's dad at their destination wedding.

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