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Lucy Porter is a Chicago-based writer and comedian with big camp counselor energy.

Striking the balance between slapstick and satire, she simultaneously writes puns and explores sociological theory. From TV to sketch, Lucy strives to examine the paradoxes of humanity through pratfalls and fart jokes.

Lucy is an alum of Second City's Comedy Studies program and is currently pursuing a MFA in Comedy Screenwriting from DePaul University. 

Lucy has extraordinarily wide thumbs and freckles that spell her name.

Upcoming Work

Check out the teaser for Lucy's most recent project Best Interests, Better Intentions a new comedy web series coming in 2022

Written by Lucy Porter and Gabby Seed, Best Interests, Better Intentions follows Frankie (Seed) and Bea (Porter) who've built their own mini empire running the coolest open mic in town. As Frankie drifts away in search of stability, Bea must grapple with her ideas of self-worth outside of their codependent friendship.

It's a hilarious love letter to platonic intimacy. 

Writing Sample Available Upon Request

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